Password generator


Password Generator is a web application I developed with the goal of enhancing user security online. This project provides a convenient way to generate strong passwords and store the history of previously generated passwords. The website also supports multiple languages to ensure accessibility for users from different countries.

Key Features:

1. Password Generation: Users can choose various parameters for password creation, such as length, inclusion of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. The generator creates passwords that meet the selected criteria, ensuring maximum complexity.

2. Password History: The website automatically saves generated passwords in the user's history. This allows users to revisit and view previously used passwords at any time, whether they have forgotten them or need to regain access to their accounts.

3. Multilingual Support: The project supports five popular languages: Russian, English, Chinese, Spanish, and Hindi. This ensures convenience and accessibility for a diverse global audience. has become not only a valuable password generation tool but also an excellent showcase of my web development skills. The project underscores my ability to create multilingual web applications, providing ease of use for users in multiple countries.

This website is not just a functional project; it is a demonstration of my ability to create solutions that enhance online security and provide convenience for users worldwide.