Project "Day By Day" - innovative travel platform for Tatarstan with social media elements


"Day By Day" is a unique platform developed by the team of experts at MADD, providing an exceptional travel experience in the picturesque region of Tatarstan. As the lead developer and an outsourced developer at MADD, I made a significant contribution to the development and implementation of this project.

The "Day By Day" project is a comprehensive platform that combines elements of a travel guide, social network, and a catalog of places. By integrating both frontend and backend functionality, the platform offers unique opportunities for creating, sharing, and discussing travel information in Tatarstan.

1. Home Page:

On the home page, users can explore current travel news, get inspired by visual content, and embark on their captivating adventures.

2. Place Page:

Place pages provide detailed information about attractions, leisure spots, and interesting places in Tatarstan. In my role as the lead developer, I ensured the creation and functionality of this page, allowing users to rate, comment, and share their experiences.

3. Route Page:

Users can create their own routes by combining multiple interesting places. I coordinated the MADD development team in implementing this feature, enabling users to customize and share routes.

4. Catalog of Places and Routes:

For user convenience, I, as the lead developer, collaborated with the team to develop an extensive catalog of places and routes, simplifying the search for optimal travel options.

5. User Profile:

In my role as the lead developer, I focused efforts on creating the user profile. This individual space allows the user to manage their profile, places, routes, and settings.

6. Moderation System:

Maintaining high-quality content is ensured through a moderation system. As the lead developer, I, in collaboration with the team, implemented a moderation system to ensure the relevance and accuracy of content.

The "Day By Day" project is the outcome of my work as the lead developer and an outsourced developer at MADD. Thanks to my contribution, the platform has become a hub for exchanging travel experiences, providing users with unique tools to explore Tatarstan. Through collaboration with the development team, a comprehensive platform was realized, combining frontend and backend functionality for inspiring journeys.