Web interface development for parser management


My task revolved around simplifying the management of a potent parsing tool, offering users a user-friendly gateway to settings and parsing process monitoring.

Within this intuitive web interface, users are provided with essential parameters for the parser's operation. From the store's country of origin to specific product models, minimum delivery costs in Czech crowns to supplementary charges in euros for each country, and even product codes for exclusion – all these variables lay the foundation for accurate parsing results.

However, my true aim was transparency. With a deep understanding of the client's needs, I integrated real-time visualization of the parsing process. This ingenious feature transcends geographical boundaries and workplace limitations, allowing multiple company employees to concurrently monitor the parsing progress. Real-time updates and progress indicators keep everyone informed.

Previously, company employees manually adjusted parser parameters within the code. Now, with this convenient web interface, they effortlessly configure settings, saving significant time and company resources. This solution translates to substantial benefits in terms of time savings and cost reduction.